5 Tips For Relatives Of Older Adults



We blogged about 5 Tips for Would-be seniors, 5 tips for Elders Caregivers, we will now write about 5 tips for relatives of older adults.

We use RELATIVES to refer to family and friends of an older adult.

5 Tips For Relatives Of Older Adults
  1. Make Financial Plan

What are the financial requirements of your older adult(s)?

Make a financial plan if you are responsible for an older adult. Some relatives are lucky to have the older adult save for such a time as old age, others, have to contribute or be solely responsible for the welfare of their older relative.

Make plans that cover the basic, recurrent care of the elder.

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  • Regular Communication

Communicating regularly helps older adults create memories and can slow down mental challenges.

Even if all your conversations with them are not light hearted, do not underestimate the benefits of regular interaction with the elderly.

  • Engage Them In Some Mental and Physical Exercises.

This gives you the opportunity to ascertain their mental state and helps them exercise their minds. Engaging in mental exercises such as cards and board games helps put their minds to use.

There is a need to engage them in light exercises that would keep them fit even in their old age. In doing this, care must be taken to ensure that they do not engage in strenuous exercise that could cause strain or injury. Examples of light exercises are stretch, taking a walk, taking Pilates, massages, mindfulness, etc.

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  • Elder-Proof the House.

Just like our parents child-proofed the house when we were toddlers, we need to do the same for them now that they are aging.

Little falls and accidents can become a serious problem and lead to different complications. Make changes that will assist them in their daily living.

  • Get Necessary Trained Help.

This may mean engaging the services of a medical expert or someone to help run some errands, accompany them when they go out or even, remind them of their recommended daily activities and daily medications.

These tips are not exhaustive, you are welcome to add more tips in the comments section.

P.S: We use the older adult interchangeably with seniors, Elders, Elderly.



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