How to prevent cognitive decline in older adults

What is Cognitive decline?

Cognitive decline or cognitive impairment is a medical condition that results to a person having issues remembering things, concentrating, learning new things, or making decisions.


  • Cognitive decline may begin after midlife, but most often occurs at higher ages (50 and above).” (Aartsen, et al., 2002)
  • According to centre for disease control (U.S. Data), the prevalence of cognitive decline is 11.1% or 1 in 9 older adults. The 65 year and above presented with a slightly higher SCD percentage when compared with the 45- to 64-year-olds. More men than women presented with SCD. Blacks, African Americans, and Hispanics presented more with SCD. Level of Education and whether a person was living alone were found to be risk factors also.
  • Cognitive decline, otherwise called intellectual decline, can come on abruptly or step by step, and it tends to be super durable or brief. It tends to be startling for the individual encountering the indications just as their loved ones.